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Residence: Friday 11 October - Friday 18 October 2019

Exhibition: Saturday 19 October - Sunday 27 October ,10:00-17:00

Venue: Nishino-House (4-8-1 Tomosada, Echizen-City, Fukui, Japan)

Artist: Shichio MINATO Title of the work: Surface of Time Material: Dye ink on Paper, Glass plate Size: Variable (Installation)

Comment: The miso storehouse of the Nishino family, which serves as the exhibition space, is a structure from the late Edo period and a Registered Tangible Cultural Property of Japan. When I first set foot in this storehouse, which hadn't been used in 26 years, I felt as if I had taken a step into the past. The space is full of barrels, pots, and baskets of all sizes, but without electric light it's hard to make out the entire scene in the gloom. But once your eyes adjust, the previously monotone space begins to take on color, and you're able to appreciate what is, in truth, a beautiful world of hues and shades. A few days after the start of my time in residence, I tried to experience the personality of this storehouse. When I closed my eyes and turned my thoughts to the people who once occupied this space, I saw before me a number of round, liquid surfaces…

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